Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Pats

I had the best time at the torch last weekend.  I wanted to do something special for Valentine's day.  I ordered this really awesome Puffy Heart press from Beadpress:

It's not going to be here for a while though, because it's coming from the Netherlands.  So, I had to improvise!  I knew I wanted to make hearts, so after some soul searching (get it?  Heart and soul?  Ok, ok, terrible...), I came up with this idea:

 Love Pats 11 Bead Set

I made the center heart using a press that my friend and fellow Fire Diva Holly from Holly's Folly generously lent me.

I was thrilled with this set.  The problem was, however, my husband and I both agreed that although it was good for Valentine's day, it was also good for Easter, and not quite what I had in mind.  I set out again to make that absolutely breathtaking, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, romantically perfect Valentine's Day bead set.  I made this:

 Love Pats 8 Bead Set

Now this was what I was aiming for!  The little red hearts on ivory were the perfect combination.  It really felt like "love" to me.

Somewhere along the way I realized these little beads looked remarkably like truffles to me.  Therefore, the only natural thing to do was make a third set.

Chocolate Love Pats 8 Bead Set

If they were edible they'd be good enough to eat.  Mmmm... chocolate.  My biggest vice.  I think I'll go have some and ponder over what I'm going to make this weekend.

Ah, I almost forgot (sidetracked by chocolate - happens every time!), all three sets are available on my website and in my Artfire and Etsy shops.


  1. My first thought was - delicious! So yes, they are good enough to eat! These are absolutely gorgeous, Theresa. I love the idea of hearts year-round, but you're right - the second set is all about Valentine's Day. Just beautiful.

  2. Thank you Lauren! I'm so happy with them. :)

  3. Cool sets. Looks like you didn't need that press after all! The man of my house thinks all hearts should be red or pink. I have to hear about it every time I diverge from this color scheme.

  4. Very nice and cute hearts that should thrill almost everyone.I like the dainty little piece that is also thrilling you.