Thursday, February 3, 2011

Improved Website and a DRAWING!!

What seems like a million years ago I was in college.  I met my darling husband there, and amazingly, I learned a little.  One of the most valuable things I learned was not in the classroom - it was on my own.  I learned how to design web sites.

I love to play around with different things on my site,, and for that reason I spent the past couple days working away.  I just added a Twitter widget on the right, along with a blog feed below it - you can always see my latest news now!  In addition to that, all the pictures on my home page feed right from my current items.  Every time you refresh my page you'll see a whole new set of pictures and they are always items that are available for sale right now!  Even the pictures for my banner refresh, and those are clickable!  If you see an item in my banner that you like, click on it to go right to the item!

Finally, I added another category called "Featured Items."  You can always check here for items that are perfect for whatever is going on right now.  For instance, right this minute that category is packed full of awesome stuff for Valentine's Day!

In honor of all these changes, I've added over 50 more items to my website.  These items are beads, pendants, and jewelry, all handmade by yours truly.

Check it out and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!  I'll pick a random number from the comments below and that person will get a $10 CREDIT to spend on my website!

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