Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, I Created a Blog!

Blogs here, blogs there, blogs everywhere. I finally decided I should have my own. But where to begin?
I guess I'll share what a glassy week I had. Monday I received a 7.5lb order of glass from the Frantz 35% off/free shipping sale. I had a great time unwrapping that! I just love a new glass order. There is so much melty goodness in every box! I was thrilled with my order - I got lots of new messy colors that I have been waiting to get on sale for a long time now. I have about 50 messy colors now, and I hope to get more. I finally bought some EDP too - I am not sure if I am more excited or more frightened by it!
I also have about 17lbs of glass on hold at Frantz that I will have shipped this week, probably Friday. I am really looking forward to that becuase I got tons of stuff half-off that I have not been able to try yet, and I also bought enough clear, black, white, and ivory to replenish my diminishing stock. My only complaint is that it takes a full week to get my order because they are on the opposite coast - I am so darn impatient!
On top of all that glass, today I got a mix of marked/unmarked rods (two pounds) from a fellow LE member and it was fantastic! There are all kinds of rod in there, including some old coral and lauscha. I also got five new murrini blends from Lori and Kim on etsy. Their blends are beautiful and I am totally addicted to them.
We have been working on my new glass storage for almost a week now and it is turning out great. We used an old China cabinet that we had and filled it with pvc. It looks great and I'll be sure to post a picture once I get all my glass into it.
On a different note, I am almost done with all the red in the cross stitch I am working on. This is actually quite a feat when you are working on a 16" Christmas stocking that is fully stitched! It will be my first fully-stitched piece. I hope to have it done by Thanksgiving so we can hang it with the other two - all three kids will have a beautiful Gold Collection Cross Stitch stocking...and Mommy and Daddy are next. :D