Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Looking Ahead

It is so hot. A few days ago it was 100 degrees, and on another day our heat index was 110. August is the hottest month of the year here in North Carolina. We're all stuck in the house because we have no desire to melt into sweaty blobs outside. It is definitely summertime - no doubting that!

However, as an artist, I have to look ahead to the upcoming seasons when I decide what to make. The Fire Divas are holding another Quarterly Jewelry Challenge, and this time I chose "The Holiday Season" as the theme. That means I need to make some holiday beads, pronto!

Why so early? It's only August! Well, the challenge deadline is October 15. That means jewelry designers have to have their creation submitted by that date. The designers need plenty of time to shop for beads, have them shipped, and materialize that work of art.

It's hard to switch gears. I've been doing sets lately (not that I've gotten anything listed). Recently, I made 3 large sets (up to 12 beads) - one set each of pink, gray, and mint green tabs with dots & murrini accents. I also made a cool 14 bead set of clear rounds with icy colored shards. I made some boro seahorses and flower implosions. All my work has been completely summer themed!

I finally sat down and did some brainstorming, though. I now have a list of holiday-themed sets that I plan to start creating just as soon as I can get out to my torch. I'm covering three holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I still find it so strange to generate Christmas ideas in the summer heat!

Of course, the next challenge will be getting this all listed. In addition to what I plan to make, I have a plastic container full of things I need to list. I haven't listed anything all summer! I've marked down all my existing pieces by 25% to help make room for the new items, and school starts soon so that means a quieter house. Quieter house = easier picture taking. I'm getting there!

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