Monday, June 21, 2010

My Studio - Part 6

This post is the conclusion of a series of blog postings beginning here. At the end of the last post, I had nearly completed my studio.

After I moved all my things over, we hooked up my gas line and checked it for leaks. Then we tested my ventilation. Everything was working perfectly. The only thing left to do inside the studio was set up my glass storage. Sorting and organizing 175lbs of glass seemed like quite an obstacle.

I searched the indispensable for storage ideas. Finally, inspiration struck. A couple years ago we had purchased a closet organizer from Lowe's. It was 31" high by 12" wide by 12" deep - the perfect size! We went there and bought four of the units, brought them home, and assembled them. Then we stacked 5" lengths of pvc into the units. It worked wonderfully. I spent an entire day sorting and organizing my glass into the pvc, and spread out my frit on top.

The next day I got to try it out. I spent 3.5 hours at the torch - my longest session ever! The glass storage worked perfectly and I had a wonderful time. Being in my studio was amazing. The ventilation meant no painful bulky respirator on my face. All my tools were at my fingertips. I didn't feel all gross, dusty, and dirty like I did in the garage. Here are some of the beads I made:

We still have to paint the exterior of the studio, so it isn't technically finished. However, it is totally torchable and I know that I will spend countless happy hours inside the clean, creativity inducing environment. I couldn't be happier.


  1. Theresa your tower of glass is so mesmerizing! Congrats on the new shop!!!!