Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shorty WearBot

So there I was, calmly working a pendant on the end of a clean mandrel, when suddenly - POP! In a split second I came to two realizations; one, my mandrel was short a pendant, and two, the leg of my jeans was getting very warm. Still calm (probably due to shock), I looked down at my left thigh. There sat the top half of my pendant. It looked quite at home, to be honest.

"Gah!" My shriek was muffled by my respirator. I quickly flicked the pendant off my leg onto my glass-chip covered garage floor...but I was not letting it get away that easily! I reheated the tip of my mandrel in the flame and then stretched around my table with a pair of tweezers to grab my pendant. Once I had it in the tweezers I gave it a quick heat bath, then melted the bottom (where it had broken off) and shoved my warm mandrel tip back into it.

I looked around briefly for the bottom half of the pendant, determined to salvage that half, too. I couldn't find it anywhere. Still determined, I decided to melt and shape the now mangled bottom of the pendant on the mandrel. Somehow I succeeded to achieve an actually quite nice shape! I added some definition and a top loop, pulled it off the mandrel, and popped it into the kiln.

I still have no idea where the rest of the pendant is.

The result:

Meet Shorty WearBot! He is one of five, and they all currently reside in my Artfire and Etsy shops, waiting for someone (else?) to rescue them.