Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let the fusing begin...

It looks like we are having an early winter this year. Unfortunately for me, that means no more lampworking!! I work in my garage and with the kiln, oxycon, and fans, there is no power left for the heaters I need to keep warm. I've packed up my glass and put it in the closet to remain untouched for the cold months.
Now what? We considered having the garage rewired to handle the extra power requirements of the 3-4 heaters I would need to stay warm enough with the garage door open or ventilation. We also considered buying a small building and setting it up as my studio. We finally settled on something entirely different.
I am going to start fusing glass! It doesn't take any modification to the garage or a new building. It just takes tools and sheet glass, both of which are on their way to me. I'll still need to run the kiln, but without the oxycon and fans going I'll be able to run the heaters. Plus I won't need the garage door open so that means less heaters to stay warm.
I plan to make funtional pieces as well as jewelry...stay tuned to see what comes out of the kiln!

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