Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copper Shapes

Copper, as well as other metals, can be used in glass to achieve an artistic affect. I have used copper mesh in the past; I love the change in color when it is encased in glass. I've tried using copper sheet as well, but the sheet I bought was a little thick and because of that it was hard to form to the shape of the bead. I liked the idea, though!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a fellow lampworker offering copper shapes. The shapes were punched out of a very thin gauge of copper sheet. I had to buy some. This weekend I was able to make good use of them. Since I have been on a heart kick lately (they are just so fun to make!), I decided to use the copper shapes to accent the hearts. I tried out a butterfly, a tiny heart, and a snowflake and I am very pleased with the results! They added a very nice touch. Copper shapes are definitely going to be a recurrence in my work now.

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