Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yup, sometimes Thursdays can be good! I think of Thursday as the door to the weekend. On this particular Thursday, I have a lot to look forward to. Tomorrow marks the end of our last free week. Saturday begins a slew of t-ball practices, doctors' appointments, kindergarten responsibilities, and much more, including two very important birthdays. One will be reaching kindergarten age, and one will be celebrating a first birthday. The best part is, birthdays at my house means presents for every kid, so no one is left out.

Today, however, I get to enjoy the quiet. I will get to lampwork this afternoon, which allows me to express myself creatively, jam to my music, and have some time to myself. It is, for me, an incredible release. Tomorrow I can list the fruits of this afternoon's labor. In addition, I have the incredibly exciting anticipation of a huge 20lb box of glass making its way to me and scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Afterward, I can handle the landslide.

Yes, thank goodness it's Thursday.

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