Monday, August 17, 2009

All Grown Up

My little girl is 5. Ok, I know, she isn't actually grown up...but it sure feels that way. This month she starts Kindergarten and it is horrifying. I know she'll do great - she is very social and incredibly smart. The thought of her going there all day, every day, by herself, is so scary to me though! Will other kids make fun of her because she is small? Will the teachers be mean to her because she likes to socialize? Will they, like her preschool teacher, enjoy the fact that she can tell time, or will it annoy them instead? Will she have a hard time being the youngest in the class? Most importantly, will she be safe? I just tell myself to have faith that everything will be ok. It is a nice elementary school, and they only have four Kindergarten classes. When I toured it, I was quite happy with the set-up.

It is exciting to think that she will be expanding her abilities. She is already reading, but I look forward to her reading larger, harder words, and doing math, and seeing what else they teach her. A week from tomorrow is her testing day, and she starts going every day a week after that. We have a pretty busy schedule the next two weeks, so it will go by entirely too quickly. In a flash she will begin a long, and hopefully very successful, educational experience, and our lives will change dramatically forever. I just hope I don't cry.

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