Friday, July 23, 2010

Etsy Felt Left Out

My Etsy shop was feeling pretty left out since the BOGO 33% off sale only included Artfire Items. It kept looking at me woefully, saying, "Why not meeee? Why not meeee?" To which I responded, "Because your too hard to ediiiiit! Because your too hard to ediiiiit!"

My Etsy shop didn't seem to care.

It can be very persistent.

So, finally, I sat down and edited my items, one by one, until they were all done. My Etsy shop is now officially included in my BOGO 33% off sale ("Thank yooooou!" "You're welcooooome!").

BOGO 33% off all items (except tutorials). Discount given as a refund on the item of lesser or equal value after payment is received. There is no limit per order, the sale can end at any time, and the weirdness is sprinkled on for free.

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